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Designing Spaces: Change the Style of Your Kitchen with Peel and Stick Smart Tiles

Smart Tiles help out a Designing Spaces couple in their last show.

They just bought their new house and are really excited about it. They now want to do something new in the kitchen to bright it up a bit. She wanted the glass tile backsplash look but when he saw how expensive it was, they rethink things a little bit.

And they are right. Changing the style in your kitchen often requires expensive remodelling. How about something cost effective and easy to do?

The peel and stick Smart Tiles have just what they need for their kitchen backsplash. It looks just like glass tile and you can peel and stick to a clean and sleek surface.

Should they go with the Bellagio Keystone or the Tango Titane? Look at the before and after in the video:

Peel and stick installation tips included in the video: Clean the wall with a degreaser, mark the wall with a level at the height of the first row of tiles and start in a corner at the furthest point from you stand most often in the kitchen. Go back to the starting point and start the second row.

You will also know what to do when you reach an obstacle like an electrical outlet.

Don’t forget to overlap the peel and stick tiles in order to obtain even spacing between all the rows and columns of the tiles.

This Designing Spaces couple add style to their kitchen.

Article Source: http://www.thesmarttiles.com/en_gb/inspiration/designing-spaces-change-the-style-of-your-kitchen-with-peel-and-stick-smart-tiles/

The Beauty of Black Floor Tiles

Black Floor TilesArtists, interior designers and architects are huge fans of black tiles that never fail to create a statement that will last a lifetime. You can easily bring a timeless and elegant appeal to your home with the help of tiles. As with any other type of tile, these are available in many styles and designs to choose from. You will definitely appreciate the versatility and uniqueness of black floor tiles when it gives a rustic, yet elegant, feel in your arrangement.

The black ceramic matt tile will exude an effect of a natural stone without much cost or maintenance. This tile is the perfect choice for adding warmth and style to your layout, with a unique finish that adds character and accent to your room. They look equally fabulous in bathrooms and kitchens. These sleek-looking floor tiles are offered in premium quality and give off a pleasant high gloss polished finish. If you want your living space to look stylish and sleek, then ceramic tiles are a fantastic alternate for you because they are not only simple to clean but also durable enough to bear daily wear and tear.

Speaking of luxury, naturally detailed black marble is one of the most sought after stone that adds charm and elegance to any living space. Most prevalent in hallways and bathrooms, its dense structure makes it ideal for frequently-used areas, such as complementing or enhancing an existing kitchen or bathroom or even making a splendid feature wall. Subtle variation in tones is an inherent quality and beauty of black marble.

Black tiles look absolutely beautiful in granite as well. Dark colored granite is well known for providing dramatic statement to any interior scheme. Being the hardest and most durable stone, granite takes its formation from the slow crystallization process of molten magma that cools deep below the Earth’s surface. Therefore, it is suitable for bathrooms, conservatories, hallways and kitchen floors alike. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, it is extremely hard wearing, which makes it a popular choice for flooring. And black granite is nothing but a touch of luxury and grandeur. When talking about the budget, though, they are not very expensive.

Black slate is widely known for its distinctive look, varied texture and practical performance in high-traffic areas. When using dark colored slate, you will not have to do much to tantalize your guests into admiring your house. Because you can let the slate do the talking. It takes the very best of this stunning natural stone to present a wide-ranging variety for floors and walls that adds lustrous design quotient in any area of your home.


Perfect all over the house, from kitchen to bathroom to hallway, black tiles are ‘in’ nowadays. Do some magic this season by installing these and piecing them together with white tiles to create an absolutely magnificent metro checkered chessboard or zebra strips effect. Take your pick from the varieties available and fascinate your guests with a completely transformed look of your house.